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KODMIC, Completed KODMIC Center

Korea Dye Mold Industry Cooperative (Director General, Kim Dong-sup) had a ceremony for the completion of the KODMIC center on October 28, attended by 150 representatives, including Kim Ki-moon, chairman of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, and Ueda Gatsuhiro, chairman of Japan Die & Mold Industry Association.

Constructing the KODMIC center was the long-cherished desire of the cooperative members, and I express my deep gratitude to the members who had supported and showed the interest in the construction,” said the director general Kim Dong-sup. “KODMIC will do its best to present a bright vision for the domestic die and mold industry by playing a leading role for the development of die and mold industry as well as the cooperative’s member companies."

KODMIC, Completed KODMIC Center
KODMIC Building

The Optimum Site for Harmony and Development of the Industry KODMIC center, a building with six floors above ground and one underground, has a total space of 1884m2 (Plottage 632m2, Floor space 311m2). Construction started in January 2008 and was completed in September. Operation of the center will be financed by the fees collected through the rent of offices and other floor space to cooperative members and related companies as well as to operators of supporting facilities.

Observing that the center is located at an optimal place, members who attended the ceremony expressed the hope that its opening would contribute to reinvigorating the cooperative. The building, adjacent to the Siheung Avenue along which many die and mold companies are located, has a geographical advantage of being near to Seoul and other capital areas. KODMIC will try to foster closer ties with member companies, thus expanding cooperation and information exchange among members. It will also implement various collaborative projects putting emphasis on 'making new values through creative management.'



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